Keeper Lake

Keeper Lake - Fly-in fishing for Walleye & Northern

Rates (Per Person)

4 Days: $1,360

5 Days: $1,450

6 Days: $1,540

7 Days: $1,625

Sleeps: 4

Minimum Party: 4

Air Miles: 170

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About Keeper Lake

We were fortunate enough to be able to start our lifelong dream on Keeper Lake. Keeper has been, and will always be, the sentimental favorite around here. There have been too many good times and fond memories there to mention. When fall rolls around and it is time to close down all the cabins, Keeper is the lake of choice for the crew to set up camp. With the long days of shutting down cabins it is the perfect place to stay as it only takes a couple minutes to catch enough fish for dinner. This lovely two bedroom cabin is 170 miles north being 10 miles in length. The stunning rock cliffs, countless sheltered bays, points and shallow waters makes Keeper our most productive Walleye and Northern Lake.

Where It All Started

Keeper Lake is very broken up with lots of bays which make it easy to get around on. You never have to worry about the wind, because there is always a nice quiet spot to fish in. In fact, we recommend on your arrival to Keeper, just across from the cabin off the point, is where you should go to get your shore lunch. At Keeper you will have no trouble catching decent-sized fish. It would be nothing for a group of four to catch 600-800 fish in four days. I would recommend this lake for the person who has had less fishing experience because of its superb fishing action and its countless bays. So next time you are at Keeper Lake take a few minutes to remember that this is where it all started.