How To Prepare For Your Next Adventure!

July 2, 2021

One way to make your fly in fishing adventure even better is to know exactly what is going on. Being a little organized can sure go a long way up north.

Once you have the information from us, it’s important to make sure every member of your group receives a copy. Here’s the link just in case. /wp-content/uploads/2020/02/NF_PackingList_2020.pdf

Next, you must all decide on how to best allocate the groups weight allowance. It’s reasonable for each member to offer up at least half their allowance to the group kitty for food and other shared items. Each member is now responsible for their own clothing, personal items and fishing gear. Make sure everyone pre-weighs all their gear so they know they are within their limits. A bathroom scale should work just fine for a reasonable estimate.

It’s also important to decide at this point what constitutes individual personal items. Many things can be, and should be, shared amongst the group. For example, do you really need more than one bottle of shampoo, bottle of Tylenol or tube of toothpaste? Once you compile your list of things to bring, go through it with your group to avoid unnecessary duplications. After-all, that extra bottle of Tums works out to be a couple of fishing lures!

Finally, the group needs assignments. By now there should be an obvious group leader or head organizer. That is probably you, considering you’re reading this article after-all. Next you may want to assign specific tasks to various group members. Essentially, who will be responsible for bringing what specific group items. However, it’s often a lot easier if one person takes ownership of all grocery and sundry purchases. Of course, if Bob works at Costco and Jim works at CVS, you’re going to want to take advantage of that! Still, one person should make sure all items on the list are packed and loaded up before you head out. Remember, whatever is not in the group containers goes with personal bags and their weight allowance. This prevents anyone “sneaking” extra stuff in, even if they think it’s for the good of the group.

You should also work out the cabin duties with your group, such as food preparation and cleaning. Who is making what meals and when? For example, one person can be responsible for all meals and cleaning for 1 or 2 days. Maybe it’s dinner only and self-serve breakfast and lunch? It will obviously depend on the meal schedule your group decides upon. Some guys eat breakfast on the go, a light lunch in the boat and come in early for a big dinner. Other groups go all out with gourmet meals. Maybe it’s fresh fish every night? Every group is different. This may not seem important, but deciding on your groups schedule is key to assigning responsibilities, planning your menu and ultimately being efficient with the food purchases.

Make a menu and stick to it. Have 1 person in charge of buying the food. Otherwise, items get duplicated or even tripled. Fishing is excellent, so you don’t need to pack extra food for “just in the case the fish aren’t biting.” You will catch fish for dinner. When shopping, do you really need a monster bottle of mustard, ketchup or mayo? Take some of the food out of the cans and put in in plastic bags and freeze if possible.

Freeze any foods and beverages that can be frozen. This can be used as ice in your coolers, such as freezing bottles of water or jugs of water. Use frozen concentrated juice containers as ice while it is thawing for breakfast drinks. If you are bringing frozen french fries or bags of frozen vegetables, use those as ice in your coolers for travel. This can save you a large amount of unnecessary weight. Plastic or glass?? If you have a choice between purchasing plastic or glass bottles, always go with plastic. Plastic is much lighter and can be burned and does not have to be hauled back out with the garbage.

Keeping all these into consideration can make for a much more enjoyable trip of a lifetime here at Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts.

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