Plan Your Trout Fishing Trip at Malette Lake

March 27, 2017

We talk a lot about Nestor Falls Fly-In as a destination for superb Walleye and Northern fishing trips but let’s not forget the Trout fishing!

If you’re looking for a remote trip, Nestor Falls Fly-In pilots will fly you 200 miles north into Malette Lake. The outpost at Malette is the only cabin on the lake, so it’s quiet, peaceful, and the trout fishing is legendary…

3 Great Canada Trout Fishing Trips

“Fishing Like That Should Be Outlawed”

The Kress party came up to Malette in May, and were able to get a read on the Trout hot spots real quick. They released a LOT of nice-sized Lake Trout! “Fishing like that should be outlawed,” they were quoted to say.

Men vs. Mosquitoes

Scott Karns and Greg Hedlund had very good luck with the Lake Trout! They fished at Malette Lake in June, a great part of the season. No live bait is used up at Malette, so the group brought in salted minnows and worms. They released a nice 31″ Lake Trout, plus 20″-27‚Ä≥ Walleye and 30″-40‚Ä≥ Northerns. Scott and Greg had a blast, even when the mosquitoes got thick.

Beginner’s Luck

The Kolnik party was out Malette fishing for Walleye. It was the group’s first time on a fishing trip with Nestor Falls Fly-In. They caught a couple of Lake Trout in 20 ft. water while fishing for Walleye, not even trying to catch a Lake Trout! First time’s the charm!

Plan Your Trout Fishing Trip

It’s about that time to book your Nestor Falls Fly-In vacation!

4-DAY OPENINGS / Malette Lake /July 8-12 or August 15-19

Rates (Per Person)
4 Days: $1195
Sleeps: 8
Minimum Party: 6
Air Miles: 195

To book your fishing trip, reach us at 1-877-653-1524 or We’ll get back to you ASAP!

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