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June 6, 2017

We’re all so excited to see you at the Nestor Falls Fly-In base! There’s a couple things you’ll want to do before you pack up your gear. Dave and I put together a short list to help you out:

Order Beer & Beverages

You have a 100 lb. weight limit per person, and a 24-pack weighs 20 lbs.! Nestor Falls Fly-In can bring out your beverages ahead of time ‚Äì we charge by the case for pop or beer. Give us 3 to 4 weeks’ notice!

Look Up “What Can I Bring Into Canada?”

Before you travel, review Canada’s latest border crossing restrictions. (Most food and fishing products should be good, but it never hurts to double-check.)

Current Requirements

Plan Meals & Shopping

It’s best to plan out your meals in advance so you know exactly what to buy or bring along! The Packing Guide below has some great tips for this. You can bring food in at the U.S. – Canada border, grocery shop in Fort Frances, or shop at Dalseg’s Food Town in Nestor Falls.

Packing Guide

PS. The photos are from Jim Bach and his group’s trip to Larus Lake!

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