So what tackle should I bring on my fishing trip?

April 1, 2023

Over the years we have seen guests come up with huge tackle boxes adding unnecessary weight, only to return from their trip to realize they didn’t even use half of their tackle.

You don’t need as much as you think and before you say “but what if the fish don’t like what I am using, I need variety!” you seriously don’t need a large variety of lures.

Here are our tips to help you bring what you need, and catch what you want while also remaining underweight with your clothes, and food.


Small Tackle Box :

Bucktails or Spoons – 5 of Diamonds, red eye, silver minnow

Shad Raps, Crankbaits – floating & deep diving, 3 or 4

Twister Tails – 2” & 3”, white, yellow, black                  Needle Nose Pliers

2 dozen Lead Head Jigs (1/4 – 3/8 oz)                           Wire Leaders 2 or 3, 6” or 9”

Canteen – optional                                                               Flashlight (small)

Compass, scale, stringer                                                     Back Pack

2 rods & reels, broken down                                              Filet Knife



The most typical bait of choice here is a jig and a minnow or leech; you can catch everything from walleye to northern pike and even smallmouth bass. We usually tip them with a live minnow.

No live bait is allowed on the following lakes: Herod, Malaher, and Malette.

In these cases, we use PowerBait or Berkley Gulp, or if you prefer, nightcrawlers.

The fishing at our outpost cabins remains consistent throughout spring, summer, and fall; however,
the techniques and fishable areas tend to change throughout the year. Prior to departure, Dave or one of our staff will provide you with a lake map and seasonal update of where the fish are biting.

Just focus on the spots marked on the map, and you will do just fine. Bring seven or eight 1/4 oz. jigs and twister tails. We brought a small amount of leeches, but in that lake, you really don’t need live bait. You’ll find that out right away.” – JD on our Facebook page talking about fishing on Onepine.

We have local bait shops that can help you with all your baiting and licensing needs.

Suggested Bait orders:

A group of 4:  order 30-50 dozen minnows

A party of 6-8: order 40-60 dozen minnows.

leeches 1-3lbs and nightcrawlers a flat

If you have any questions about your upcoming trip please shoot us an email or call us.

Happy Fishing!

Dave, Michelle, and Jon Beaushene

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