Successful Hunting Season

January 8, 2021

Our fall is typically busy with cabin fixes, the cleaning, and closing of the outposts which can interfere with bird hunting opener.

As you all may know I am a big grouse fan. I don’t care as much about shooting grouse as I am about experiencing being out in the woods, hearing nothing but nature, the fresh air, and of course the quality time I get with my family.

This year, with not being open left for more time out in nature, hunting. On grouse opener, Ashley and the kids came to visit. The weather was hot, there was still lots of green bush around which made it hard to spot any birds, but it didn’t matter. We had a ball out on the four-wheeler and the side by side. The kids laughed and smiled as we drove the trails. Grae saying “I love you, Nana” was all I needed. We, I should say Dave, spent a lot of time cutting trees that had fallen over the trails in the summer months. This was a great time to be prepping the trails for when hunting weather and conditions are better.

We got some afternoons in with Ryan out hunting and he’s becoming quite the grouse sniper. With Ryan entering teenage hood it is nice to still find activities to do together.

Ashley, James and their kids made it down again for better hunting and we got to enjoy a little BBQ out in the woods. Grae would tell everyone who was able to shoot a bird that they were doing a great job and handed out thumbs up throughout the day. She was everyone’s cheerleader. Brax had a continuous smile on his face as he sat in front of the four-wheeler.

Dave was excited to get out Duck hunting this fall as all his hunts in Saskatchewan and Alberta were getting cancelled. So when Rick Gate agreed to meet Dave and Mike to go hunting on the big water of Lake of the Woods out of Morison Dave was all into that. It has been a very long time since Dave had the opportunity to get back into duck hunting. It was a very cold morning this fall when Dave and Mike headed out of Nestor Falls. Dave and Mike had to break ice all the way from Nestor Falls to Morison that morning to get to their hunting location. This is normally a 40 minute ride which turned into a 2 and half hour ride. Thankfully the weather warmed up throughout the day and the ice later melted. The boys also had a very successful duck hunt! Thanks Rick for getting the boys on a hot spot for hunting!

Dave and Mike spent a lot of time in their Deer blinds this fall. The Deer porn on our cameras where driving Dave crazy. We had some really nice bucks coming in but some how they were out smarting the boys. The Big Bucks just seemed to know when the boys where heading out of the bush and about 10 minutes later they would be coming in. Made for some real good laughs and made the hunting that more enjoyable. This fall mother nature sure provided a successful season of hunting. Our freezer is full of meat, but most importantly memories were made with family that I will cherish for a lifetime.

We hope you were able to get some outdoor quality time with your family.

Escape to the wilderness!

Dave, Michelle & Jon












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