Tackle to Bring on Your Fly-In Fishing Trip

October 19, 2015

Transport Canada has strict guidelines for aircraft weight and balance with which Nestor Falls Fly-In must comply. Each person in your group is allowed to bring 100 lbs of gear, including clothes and food!

Here’s a look at what tackle to bring ‚Äì you’ll have what you need and shouldn’t be overweight.

To start with, we suggest bringing no more than two rods and a reel. [If you’d like to bring extras, coordinate with the other people in your group.]

Before you head out, spend a couple seconds hours organizing your tackle. Note that a BIG tackle box doesn’t mean you’ll catch BIGGER fish! Let’s keep it simple. Pack a small tackle box with these essentials:

Jigs – chartreuse, white, pink, plain lead head, etc.
Berkeley Gulp
Plastic tails
Crank baits
Buck tail
Spinner baits

Bring a needle-nose pliers, too. On our Catch & Release lakes, we ask that you fish barbless. If you can’t buy the lures this way, simply pinch the barbs back with a pair of pliers; this makes releasing easier for you and less stressful for the fish.

It’s easy to stop in a local bait shop for minnows, as well as leeches and nightcrawlers ‚Äì then you won’t have to travel too far with live bait, and you’ll have a chance to talk fishing with the local owner. They might have the fishing tip you’re looking for!

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