Take a “Little Time” to Fish with Your Kids

October 5, 2015

Jennifer T. of LeRoy, IL recently shared a heartfelt story about fishing with her kids that we’d love to pass along. Here’s a peek at Jennifer’s note:

There is little time between kids being too little to go fishing and too big. We are attempting to make the most of that little time. Emerson is 12 and Jasper is 9. Both kids went on their first fly-in fishing trip when they were 18 months old. Granted, there were some precarious moments when “floating” fishing poles didn’t float, toy tractors went over the side of the boat, and fingers [were] slammed in doors. We survived ear infections, a snake in the cabin, a forest fire, and grandpa’s pranks, not to mention kids learning how to cast.

Emerson holds the family walleye record with her 29 1/2″ caught on Larus Lake when she was 6 during a rainstorm. We look forward to setting more family records, returning to favorite lakes and hot spots, trying new lakes, and graduating to two boats. We are making memories that will sustain us when our little time runs out.

In most cases, the tough stuff ‚Äì muddy shoes, bumps & bruises, lost toys ‚Äì is well worth the pure JOY on your child’s face as he or she reels in that first catch!

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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