Rated 9.5 on a Scale of 1-10

August 18, 2018

This story begins in 1994, we had just purchased Herod Lake from former owner Frank Zeder. Frank was into farming, logging, and dabbled in the Outpost business at the time. Dave had a feeling that Frank would not sell his best lake first. Therefore, in our offer to purchase for Herod Lake, Dave put in the first offer for refusal on Malaher Lake. (Since Dave never reads these posts anyway, I’ll admit he was right).

In 2001, Dave and I purchased Malaher Lake from Frank. Frank built the cabin out of square timbers and since Frank enjoyed fishing so much, he would not allow his guests to go north without him, he always went with them to guide. Thus, there was a Guide cabin. The guide cabin where Frank stayed in has since been made into a storage shed. Malaher is our most rustic cabin, and we’ve made a few changes to it over the years. Although, the guests really seem to enjoy it. Malaher will be the next cabin to be rebuilt and updated someday.

Where Keeper River meets the Berens River System, you will find Malaher Lake. Being the only cabin on the lake and the incredible lake structure, ensures some fantastic fishing. The Blevens party had GREAT trip as Always, releasing hundreds of fish. Their largest Walleye was 28 inches, and largest Northern was a giant 42 inches. The group rated us on a scale of 1-10 a 9.5. Thanks guys!

There is no better place to fish with your friends than in a wilderness setting. Watching nature, such as Otters playing in the water, Turtle’s swimming, Bears walking along the shoreline and lightening bugs in the evening; ensures you a superior outdoor experience!


Escape to the Wilderness

Dave & Michelle

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