November 28, 2019

In October, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with our family.

The weekend started off rainy. Having two little ones stuck inside all day can make for a long day. I found this cute owl cupcake recipe on Pinterest and thought this would be a fun activity for the grandkids. Boy, did they have fun!

All you need is some Oreos and m&m’s! Grae helped with the mixing and baking of the cupcakes. I iced the cupcakes while Brax decorated them with the Oreos and m&m’s. They did a great job! The kids gave the cupcakes to the residents and nurses at Riverside Health Care in Rainy River, while we visited with my mother.

On Sunday, the weather finally cleared up for us to enjoy a family day out in the woods. We went out and got some grouse and enjoyed a nice BBQ outside.

It was fun to see the kids’ excitement when they spotted a bird. Every time Dave shot a bird, Grae would yell ” Yay, you won, Papa!” Ryan was able to shoot his first bird, along with three more, he was so thrilled! Regardless of getting birds, it was nice to spend quality time together enjoying the beauty of nature and appreciating these slow and quiet moments away from technology.

There is always something to be thankful for. Our wish for you this Thanksgiving is that you find yourself surrounded by those you love. Happy Thanksgiving!

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave, Michelle, & Jon

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