The Bush Report: A Recap of the 2018 Season

November 21, 2018

Dear Travelers,

Well here we are again at the end of another successful season and I have no idea where the summer went. Honestly in a blink of an eye it seems like this summer flew by for me. And today as I sit here writing my fall newsletter, I dream of when I will be able to escape to the wilderness and take in the fall smells and enjoy the crisp air.

The start of our season was a little touch and go with all the snow, thick ice and cooler temperatures. We were beginning to think spring may never arrive. But once it decided to warm up, it warmed up fast and there was no looking back. I’m sure this is a summer for the record books for sun, heat and fires. The fires haunted us most of the summer with the lack of rain, but we were lucky not to be harmed by them. Fires help renew the environment, changing the ecosystem and giving something new a chance to take shape.

And just like that, a brand new year is upon us. We invite you to explore all the possibilities the Ontario wilderness offers. What do you have on your bucket list for 2019?

We’re delighted to offer you a variety of ways to explore and experience nature with us. Whether it’s the rush that comes from catching a trophy fish, experiencing Canada from the air, or sharing the peaceful sounds of wildlife with your family, we’re happy to help you escape to the wilderness!

Experience the Canadian Wilderness by Air

See the landscape of the Canadian Wilderness from a brand-new perspective. Wander away from the bright lights and uncover a region of Northwestern Ontario you haven’t seen before.

Our team of professionals create a unique experience that give you an up-close and personal encounter with the Canadian Wilderness. Grab your fishing equipment and climb aboard one of our float planes. Flying over the heart of the Canadian Shield to one of our Outpost cabins is where the call of the wild meets the ultimate fishing vacation.

Born and raised in Nestor Falls, Dave grew up surrounded by forests, lakes, and pilots. Flying and appreciation for the outdoors go hand-in-hand for Dave, so he’s very passionate about flying.

Weather affects flying, and flying is a big part of our business ‚Äì so we take the weather very seriously. It dictates whether we can fly or not; whether fish bite or not; whether bugs are out or not. What many people don’t realize is that we fly VFR, which is Visional Flight Rules. Unlike the big airlines, we do not have instrument approaches or air traffic controllers telling us what the weather is doing at our landing strips at the other end. We fly by sight, so if we can’t see well, we can’t fly you. So please remember when you’re sitting with disappointment about the weather. We’re disappointed too! We truly love flying you out to your cabin, but we are only thinking of your safety and the safety of our staff.


A Year of Projects

When you have 12 cabins and hundreds of guests, you’re bound to run into some sort of problem. Luke, our 185 pilot, kept busy this summer with projects. We’re not sure what happened at Malette this spring, but somehow our charge controller melted. We think it might have gotten overloaded. This was a nightmare for us because our solar man had some health issues and wasn’t able to make the flight for a few months. The good news is that we’ve upgraded the solar system at Malette by adding some additional panels and changing the charge controllers.

**Please remember to talk to Dave about the devices you’re planning to charge in the cabins. We need to make sure our system can handle it first. Thank You!**

Besides the emergency solar work at Malette, we kept busy year-round to make sure your trip is the best possible. Before each season our staff begins preparing for your arrival. Kyle and Jon started this winter by prefabbing a new dock and ramp for our Kay Lake Bay location. They then hauled in the supplies by four wheelers in the spring and built it out on the ice. Once the ice melted they put the dock and ramp into place. What an improvement! On Kay Island, we trimmed some of the trees to make sure you could see the lake from the windows and the solar panels were getting enough light. Both locations on Kay Lake have a great new look!

The cabins at Keeper, Larus Bay, and Clear Lake all got new siding, windows, and doors. We installed a new phone system at Larus Beach (hooray!)which now offers you not only phone service but internet as well. We rebuilt the deck at Clear. We strive to make your stay with us the best it can possibly be, and all of these improvements should make your visit all the better.

Wildlife in the Wilderness

So many guests told us that their favorite part of the trip was enjoying all the different wildlife they could see. We had people spot a cow moose and her calf several times, marvel at the beauty of all the different birds, and even see a few snakes, hiding out in the tall grass by the shoreline.

And don’t forget about all the fish. It was another great year for fishing, seeing trophy numbers and sizes on all our lakes. Our catch-and-release policy has helped keep the fisheries well stocked and our guests happy.


Share Your Experience!

Competition is strong on the internet and we are asking for your help in spreading the word about our family business. If you loved your experience at Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts, please take the time to review us on TripAdvisor and Facebook. We truly appreciate it! We would not be here without the love of our guests.

Upcoming Sports Shows:

  • Minnesota Sportsman’s Show, St Paul, January 10-13, 2019
  • Chicago All Canada, January 10-13, 2019
  • Boat, Sport & Travel, Indianapolis, February 15-24, 2019

Wishing You All a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for choosing to visit Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts. We know that you have so many choices, and we’re so glad that you continue to choose us year after year. Dave and I have always said that our guests are the kindest, most generous people we’ve ever had the fortune to meet. You allow us to continue our dream of offering an unforgettable fly-in fishing adventure, and we are forever grateful for that opportunity.

The planes are prepped for the winter and we’re already counting the days to spring!!

Escape to the Wilderness!
Michelle, Dave and Jon Beaushene

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