The Golden Season

September 11, 2020

During our isolation period I spent a lot of time going through my pictures remembering all the good things that have made us happy in our life time so far and most of them have been outdoors. My favorite time of year is fall. Autumn in Canada really knows how to put on a show. You can’t go wrong anywhere outdoors in autumn. Dazzling blue skies crisp with the fragrant air and autumn leaves welcome us everywhere. As the days grow shorter, outdoor experiences seem more memorable.

Last October we enjoyed an unseasonably warmer days, amid autumn’s splendor our family decided last minute to hop on our 4 wheeler’s and head out into the wilderness for a partridge hunt and BBQ. Nothing fancy just some smokies on a bun. It was a day I will never forget.

We have had many days in the fall that I will never forget. For example, my first pheasant hunt. Dave’s cousin Jim invited us to his farm in South Dakota many years ago where we could hunt both South and North Dakota. Jim handed me a Ruger 28 gauge and told me to enjoy it. As the day progressed, I shot, I am sure a box of shells and much to my surprise I hit pheasants some of the time. I was thrilled beyond words and couldn’t wait to tell Dave that I shot a pheasant while seating in the grass (they told me it couldn’t be done). That shotgun was the best gift he could have given me as I love this gun for so many reasons. One, it is a keep sake from him and second, it has brought me so much joy from the adventures I have brought it with me.

Dave has since enjoyed many fall trips out to the Dakotas Pheasant hunting with a long time friends and guest Al and Mike. Its a $250 million dollar industry in the South Dakota. Some 170,00 people will need guns, shells, orange vests and yellow labs as they prepare for the season. Furthermore, pheasant tastes great. And what a thrill when you are out hunting. Frank Day’s Bar in Dallas is a legendary watering hole in Gregory County. Hunters from all over know of this place. I am looking forward to tagging along this fall as we once again venture out Pheasant Hunting.

Enjoy autumn where ever you are. Robert Frost said it best “Nothing Gold Can Stay. If it did, it wouldn’t be magic.”

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave, Michelle and Jon

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