The Lachenmeyers – Taking on Larus Lake for the Past 8 Years

April 12, 2019

The Lachenmeyers have been fishing with us for the past eight years. They always choose to go to Larus Lake ‚Äì and it’s not hard to see why. The cabins up at Larus are beautiful with large sitting areas, patios, and a sandy beachfront. At Larus you can watch the waves come in at sunset, see eagles, moose, and all sorts of fish. The large kitchen table is an ideal place to catch up with your family.

Did we mention that the Larus Outpost is also able to hold all the Lachenmeyers? There are eight of them that come up every year, and they range in ages from 31 – 80 years old. They always tell us that the wilderness helps them reconnect – that the beautiful and peaceful scenery gives them the perfect opportunity to catch up.

Know what goes along with catching up? Catching fish. The Lachenmeyer party caught walleyes in 4-10 feet of water, and were even catching a few of them with minnows and soft plastic lures. The warm weather helped keep the fish in the shallows, and they pulled in a few huge ones.

Even after eight years, Larus is still full of surprises. This year an unexpected ninth group member showed up partway through the trip. A black bear wandered into camp looking for a free fish dinner! He didn’t find anything and went on his way. No matter how many times you go into the wilderness, it’s never boring!

We can’t wait to hear the stories the Lachenmeyers tell about 2019!

Escape to the Wilderness!
Dave, Michelle & Jon

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