Think Spring!

March 27, 2014

The weather in Nestor Falls has been unseasonably warm, which feels wonderful after a winter of subzero temperatures and nearly three feet of snow. A couple days of 45°F weather has created small mud puddles surrounded by snow piles that Ryan enjoys tremendously!

With mud puddles being the bright spot of a very long winter up north, I thought we could all meet in Florida to thaw out. This was Ryan’s spring break, but Jon, Kasey, and Ryan had to cancel because their poor dog, Molson, came down with a respiratory infection. Fortunately, Ashley and James will still come down for a visit, so we’ll have family together in the sunshine. I’ll miss Ryan, and I bet he’ll miss playing outside in the warm weather. And although Ryan couldn’t come join us in Florida this year for his Spring vacation, he shared a little surprise with us from back home in Canada!

Even though the forecast in Nestor Falls features a chance of snow showers and overcast days ahead, it’s been nice to have the sun peek through the clouds. Feels like spring is truly on the way to Nestor Falls!

Escape to the Wilderness!
Dave & Michelle

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