This Week at NFO

July 3, 2020

Winter has not been kind to us this year. You never know what you will find in the spring when you are checking on the outposts in the spring and this year was no different. First stop was Keeper Lake with motors and siding. At this location they found that the cabin at Keeper had shifted again. The boys spent the day jacking it back into place. Jon reports that the sliding glass door locks now and is as good as new. Last fall the boys built a new storage shed but ran out of siding and good weather to finish it. So while they were at Keeper they finished putting the siding on the new shed and replaced the fish cleaning table. Much needed improvements.

Second day the boys stopped at Larus Lake to bring the docks back and put them in place And boy did they have a surprise waiting for them here. Both locations had been hit with strong northwest winds this spring so it is no surprise that the ice tore up our new crib and pushed up the walk way on the shore at the beach. If you look at the picture to your bottom right you can see how the bay location dock is twisted.

Does anyone know how many times we have rebuilt the docks at the beach location?

The boys also found damage to the docks at Lount and Cairns. Malette had a tree down and we were lucky that it missed the cabin. After accessing the damage from the winter Jon, Kyle and Pat gathered up the tools and supplies they will need and headed back up north this week where they will be busy rebuilding and fixing the docks for your arrival. Upside to this is that the weather has been fantastic for flying, windy enough to keep the boys cool and bugs off them while working outside; And yes they might have done a little fishing….


Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave, Michelle and Jon








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