Three Reasons Why Fishing is Best in August

August 23, 2019

If you’re a fisherman – or woman – who chomps at the bit to escape to our wilderness as soon as the snow melts, you might want to reconsider. Set down your tackle box. Save that flight for a later date.

Yes, we’re serious.

We’re happy to welcome guests any day May through September, and many people just can’t wait to get out here. Trust us, we know the feeling! But if you can hold your horespower a minute, we’ve got three reasons why you should schedule your Nestor Falls Fly-in Outpost adventure for August.

  1. The fishing is easier! Barring a montage of rainy days in early summer, the water levels are typically lower, which means the fish aren’t as deep. They hang out in the underwater reefs, about 12-25 feet off the rocky points. You can find Bass and Pike along the shoreline, and Walleye will be lurking in the weed beds. The current is less pronounced, too, so you don’t have to fight as hard to reel in your trophies!
  2. The weather is awesome! Temperatures average in the mid-seventies throughout the day and cool off at night, so there are less bugs. The water warms up to be perfect for swimming, although the northern lakes are a bit chilly yet. Be prepared, though. Bring a hat, sunscreen, a light, long-sleeved shirt for coverage, and plenty of water on the boat with you.
  3. The wildlife come out to play! Moose frequent the lakeshore and loons make their daily rounds. In addition, you might see beavers paddling in the water, white-tailed deer prancing through the grass, and with nearly five-hundred species of birds in Ontario, the trees are full of excitement!

August is one of our favorite times, too. It’s that surreal moment in the season when we’re neither hustling to close or open the lakes, nor winterizing or spring cleaning the cabins. For a brief respite, we get to kick back on the shore, and enjoy the serene beauty of Ontario – and heck, maybe even cast a line.

Escape to the wilderness!


Dave, Michelle, & John

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