Time to Prep the Aircraft for Fly-In Fishing

April 10, 2017

It’s that time of year again ‚Äì we’re bringing the Nestor Falls Fly-In planes into the hangar. Each plane will spend a couple weeks being worked on, while all the other planes patiently sit out in the snow waiting their turn. It’s mostly for routine maintenance, but this year, we’ve got big plans!

We’ll be upgrading the seats in the Turbine Otters and the Beaver for our upcoming 2017 fishing season. It will be nice, cushy seating. Whether you’re flying 15 air miles or 150, you will be very comfortable on your flight to the outposts!

Dave is also adding new 796 GPS’s to the instrument panels. It’s a Garmin GPS like you’d have in your car or truck but designed for air travel. Pretty neat to see, so look into the cockpit on your next flight and take a look.

Thanks to our Nestor Falls floatplanes, we’re able to bring you to some of Canada’s best fishing. When there are no roads, floatplane is the way to go!

Escape to the Wilderness,
Dave & Michelle

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