Trout, Muskie, and Bass Galore!

June 19, 2013

Another party returned from a successful fishing trip to Kay Lake. Doug and Carol Proffer released a variety of fish during their stay, with a total of 1 Muskie, 8 Lake Trout, and an whopping 160 Smallmouth Bass. They also hooked 5 Muskie in addition to the one they brought into the boat. The fish were quite sizable as well, the largest trout being 22″, the Muskie being 34″, and the Bass being between 16-17″.

The Proffer Party used jigs & sonars in 13-17′ water to catch the trout, spinner baits in 3-5′ water for the Muskie, and spinnerbaits, buz baits, tube jigs, and plastic worms in 2-12′ water for the Bass. The most memorable part of the trip was watching the Bass hit the buzz baits on top of the water. One Bass was so enthusiastic that it did a flip in the air and landed on the bait.

Of course, a visit to Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts isn’t just about the fish you catch. It is your chance to relax in a remote and pristine location. This is your time to enjoy the soothing waters and the inviting woods. Don’t hesitate to plan your first (or next!) visit to our outposts. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Escape to the Wilderness!
Dave & Michelle

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