Trout, Trout, Trout That’s What I Like

August 1, 2021

Lake Trout can be found in deep, cool waters all season long. Anglers should use deep vertical jigging techniques to catch lake trout in the summer.

Facts about Lake Trout:

  • Trout live for 1-20 years
  • Their flesh is firm, with an excellent flavor – recipe listed below!
  • Average size from 1-10 lbs
  • Spawning happens September- December

We love Lake Trout and there are many ways to cook it too.

Recipe 1:

You can boil the trout filet in water for 5 min or until the meat turns white. Smaller trout is most ideal for this recipe. I like to add a pouch(made from cheese cloth) of pickling spice while that is boiling I melt butter, onions chopped fine and garlic to pour on top of the meat.

Recipe 2:

This recipe is most ideal for a larger trout over 3 lbs

Get some aluminum foil and add some butter (1/4-1/2 C depending on the size of fillet). Next lay the cleaned filet (skin off) on top. Then season trout with salt, pepper, garlic powder. Next, layer some fresh sweet/yellow onion that are cut into rings. Then layer the filet with fresh mushrooms. Add a strip to the aluminum foil to the top to enclose it. Have the BBQ set on low at 350 and place the sheet on the BBQ and cook for 20-30 min. Just before it is done open the foil and add shredded mozzarella to the fillets mozzarella. Make sure you have lots of butter so the butter doesn’t burn but melts. Enjoy!

Clear, Kay and Malette are the only three outposts where you can Trout fish and they are worth the fight!

Clear Lake is the only cabin on this 4-mile long lake, making it a very easy lake to fish. Clear Lake is located on a point among the pines makes the outpost a peaceful getaway for both couples and

friends. Clear Lake you can also catch Northern and of today only opening for the 2022 season is May 21-26, 2022 (5 days).

Malette above & beyond what a fly-In Fisherman expects. Staying in the isolated cabin on Malette Lake offers you absolute solitude and superb fishing. Deep in the wilderness of Ontario, this outpost is nestled in a park-like stand of pines on the edge of a sand beach.





Kay Lake You will catch Smallmouth Bass, Muskie and Lake Trout on this lake. You can access two portage lakes as well: Derby Lake, connected to Kay Lake by a river, and Anstey Lake, where you’ll find a boat at the end of a short 150-yard hike.

Escape to the wilderness,

Michelle, Dave and Jon

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