Walleye Opener

May 21, 2020

Last weekend the weekend we all have been counting down for the last few months….Walleye opener. This opener was very different than it has been for Dave and I for the last 35 years.

Waking up knowing we weren’t heading down to the base to see many of your smiling faces eager to head up north to escape to the wilderness and enjoy some fishing with your family and friends it was hard realizing that we weren’t going to be part of your annual opener traditions this year.

Dave and I thought the best way we can honor our fellow fisherman friends was to head out fishing ourselves, though it wouldn’t be the same as heading north to the outpost we did head out on the lake in Nestor Falls. It has been over 35 years since we have experienced a Walleye opener for ourselves. I must admit that we were excited to hit the water.

We headed out early in the morning, the water was calm, the skies were blue. As we boated out to our first spot the cool spring breeze felt good hitting my face, I looked around the lake as we traveled, there was no one. I was amazed that there was no one else out on the lake for opener, I felt like we were the last known survivors.

By lunch hour we had enough Walleye to head to shore for lunch. A shore lunch! you guys, this also was a treat for us since we very rarely have the time to head out fishing during the summer months to fish let alone a shore lunch! We enjoyed our lunch on an island while the sun heat hit us.

After lunch we did a boat cruise. The whole time out Dave and I talked about how our guests must feel when they head up north for their annual trip and what your experience must be like.

We sure miss you and hope to see some of you soon!

Be well and fish on!

Dave, Michelle and Jon

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