September 25, 2020

Recently Dave and I visited his brother Ray and wife Linda at the trappers cabin. As I was laying in bed that evening listening to the symphony of the frogs, crickets and loons chiming in on the chorus I could feel the stress of uncertainty washing away. It had been 9 years since my last visit here; life I guess got in the way. As I laid there listening to the music of nature memories of this place raced through my mind and I thought to myself how blessed I am to be here tonight.

When I met Dave 43 years ago I was considered a flatlander. I had not spent much time with my folks by the water; I never fished! I couldn’t tell a Walleye from a Northern back then. I do have fond memories of me and my father walking through the woods partridge hunting which is maybe why I love bird hunting so much.

Dave, Ray and his parents spent a lot of time at the trappers cabin when they were young. His grandparents had the first camp on Deer Lake and Dave would spend a great deal of time with them during the summer months. My first memories of Deer Lake are with Dave’s parents and family in a boat along the shoreline and Dave’s father calling a Moose. You have no idea what a rush that gave me when you heard the Moose call back and hear the splashing in the water as the moose ran along the shoreline. I thought he was coming in the boat with us!

After that I was hooked and I think it is the most exciting thing I have done in my life time so far, moose hunting with Dave, who would have thought! Dave and I would spend a few days each year at the trappers cabin hunting and trapping with his parents and brother. Dave’s father would have us up at the crack of dawn and we would make our way to the boats and head out to our favourite spots looking for a moose. After Dave’s Dad passing we would meet up each fall with Ray and Linda. I think Dave’s father would roll over in his grave as we would sleep in. As Ray mentioned last night at how many moose were shot in the early morning!!! I think we laughed till our sides hurt. Honesty I think we shot more moose just before dark or late morning vs early morning. These memories warmed my heart and felt good to think of these wonderful times we spent together here as a family.

A lot has changed over the years but one thing stays consent and that is there is something in the wilderness that heals you, makes you feel alive again. This trip was not about hunting not even fishing it was celebrating being together and enjoying this beautiful lake again. God paints a beautiful picture.

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave, Michelle and Jon


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