We Loved This Amazing Fly-In Fishing Story!

September 26, 2016

Brad Dokken is a lot like us ‚Äì he loves to tell a good fish story. But when Brad tells the story, it’s published in the Grand Forks Herald of Grand Forks, ND!

He took a WILD fly-in fishing trip to Malette Lake

Malette Lake outpost camp in northern Ontario offers wilderness fishing luxury

NESTOR FALLS, Ont.‚ÄîJason Laumb knew he had a big fish at the end of his line, but he didn’t know quite how big until the form rose up from the depths about a foot below the surface of the water next to the boat.

Picture a log with fins, a massive head and razor sharp teeth, and you’ll get the idea.

This was a northern pike. No, make that a big northern pike—a real duck eater.

Jigging for walleyes with 8-pound test line and a white-and-yellow plastic paddletail for bait, Laumb, of Grand Forks, had a battle on his hands as the pike ripped drag from the spinning reel.

There’d be little room for error if he wanted to get the fish in the boat.

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Photos courtesy of Brad Dokken and the Grand Forks Herald.

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