When Natures Calls….

June 14, 2018

There’s nothing quite like being out in the wilderness. Especially when it comes time to use the outhouse. After 33 years in this business I can say that no one, including the boys, looks forward to using an outhouse. But, it comes with the territory when you’re fishing some of the best, most remote lakes in Ontario.

To make your outhouse experience slightly more enjoyable, we encourage you to use the Northlands Green Label Quick John we put in each of the cleaning kits. This is specially formulated to break down waste and eliminate odors in outdoor toilets. That said, we want to remind everyone that in order for this product to work, you MUST keep adding water every day of your stay! The bigger the party, the more water you should add. For a party of 6 we would recommend 5, 5-gallon buckets of water a day along with the Quick John.

There is an outhouse at each one of our outposts, but for those who still prefer to skip it, a friendly reminder of some plants to look out for


Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave & Michelle

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