Why We Catch & Release

September 15, 2018

We LOVE our work! That is why Nestor Falls Fly-In was one of the first operations in Ontario over 25 years ago to implement our Catch & Release Policy. We ask that guests to eat the smaller Walleye under 18 inches for their shore lunch (SORRY, no limits or Trophies come out). This visionary policy has served our operation well throughout the years, as Nestor Falls Fly-In continues to provide world-class fishing for our guests. Each year we have seen the average size AND total fish population increase. We are proud of Canada’s natural resources, and it’s up to us to preserve them for generations of anglers to come.

The Simpson party have been joining us since 1996 at our Onepine Lake Location. They love chasing the Walleye and Northern’s around the lake, and thanks to our preservation policy it is no problem finding them here. Most of their Northern’s averaged around 30 inches! They even released a 42 incher back in the water, it’s all about finding the next big Trophy fish. It was a great trip for Walleye too, releasing a 27 incher and a few more that were almost just as big. In all the years they’ve been coming up, this was the best trip for Walleye size to date. Here’s hoping that they can beat their record next year!

Allowing nature to do it’s job, we can ensure the fishing on our lakes continue to thrive!

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave & Michelle

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