February 28, 2022

All of our lakes have been handpicked and the result is some fantastic fishing in the northern wilderness. But its not just the fishing that makes our place special.  We are found in the heart of the Canadian Shield and untouched wilderness. You have the opportunity to see plenty of Moose, Bear and Eagles along the shoreline. One of our locations Clear Lake located on a point among the pines makes the outpost a peaceful getaway for both couples and friends. Clear Lake is 4-5  miles long, making it a very easy lake to fish. The average size of fish on Clear is incredible, with many Walleye in the 3 to 5 lb. range, lots of Northern’s in the 30’s. You can also portage over to another unnamed lake  for some incredible Lake Trout fishing.  However, you may also be lucky enough to spot a Woodland Caribou.  We have had numerous sightseeing’s of these beautiful animals on the portage over the years.

The Woodland Caribou‚ subspecies that lives in the boreal regions of Canada is an endangered species, mostly due to habitat loss. Since 2007 the woodland caribou have been marked as endangered.  Male caribou are about 150 kg. An easy way to tell the difference between females and males is by the size of the antlers; male caribou have larger antlers. Bulls also have larger white spots around their necks‚ especially leading up to mating season when the male neck becomes bigger to prepare for ruts. Female caribou are under 100 kg. They have straighter antlers that don’t curve and branch as much. Cows also retain their antlers through the winter until they give birth, making it easier to forage for food.

Caribou are the only species of the cervid (deer) family where both the female and male animals grow antlers. Caribou tend to live for about 15 years, they can also run as fast as 50km an hour! Reindeer and caribou are technically the same species, but caribou have never been domesticated and reindeer are most commonly found on domestic farms or conversations.

So the next time you are walking the portage at Clear Lake keep an eye out you never know what you will see.


Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave, Michelle, & Jon

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