March 6, 2020

Spending time in the beautiful Canadian wilderness brings calm and peace to someone. Did you know that fishing is often used as recreational therapy because time spent in nature is showed to diminish depression, reduce inflammation, and offset stress? In fact, studies have shown that people who spend time outside on a regular basis are happier and more productive.

We know how much time you spend planning and preparing for your fly-in fishing trips. But ultimately the fish decide if we’re going to have a good day of fishing or not. This being said, when those not so good fishing days take place, I put a positive spin on them as there’s always something to be learned from a day on the water. There is so much to see when you are out on the open water.

Fish can behave differently under various weather conditions. Some conditions are excellent for fishing and will fetch you a great catch while some are not so favorable for fishing. Among the factors that have adverse effects on fishing are temperature, barometric pressure, wind and sudden weather change can make for slower fishing. Fish do not like weather that fluctuates rapidly. Consistent weather is better for fishing.

On hot, sunny days, fish move to deeper-and-cooler water. On this particular day the bite was on for these boys as the hot sunny weather had the fish turned on. They released over 350 fish using lead head jigs in 8-20 feet of water.

No matter how long you’ve been fishing; we are constantly learning.

Nothing compares when sharing your fly-in fishing experiences with your family and friends; Life is Good

Escape to the Wilderness!

Dave, Michelle and Jon



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